September 26, 2017

The Ins and Outs of Automatic Gates and Grilles

by Sara

The addition of an automatic gate adds significant curb appeal as well as convenience to the homeowner. Additionally, it gives off a perceived exclusivity and adds increased security. These factors consequently add value to the home. Chris McGoey at Crime Doctor’s states “adding an attractive automatic entry gate system can add $50,000 or more to single family home values.”

Due to the restricted access thieves will bypass a home which is gated. Aside from the obvious benefits of security, an automatic gate adds a huge level of convenience to the homeowner. The ease of getting into your property with the use of your cell phone or the click of your remote cannot be overlooked.

There are many types of automatic gates to choose from for both commercial and residential use:

  • The rolling security gate is one of the highest quality electric gate systems on the market today. This gate is one of your best choices if you have very cold or very hot weather conditions.
  • The benefit of a sliding gate is the exterior beauty. You can choose from many designs of custom wood, iron and metal to enhance the look and architectural style of your property.
  • Swing gates are very common and there are many materials and custom designs to choose from. If you live on a hill, a good alternative choice is the automatic uphill swing gate.
  • For the commercial client, the folding scissor gate is very popular and economical. It is easy to operate and helps to deter crime. These gates are available in single or double sizes and there is a portable type as well. They can be ordered to fit any dimension and accommodate any size area. They are built to last and made of steel.
  • Accordion grilles or side-sliding grilles are commonly used commercially when there is no floor track. These grilles stack into a side pocket in the wall and are used frequently in stores in the mall.
  • Rolling aluminum grilles are for commercial use and most often used as garage gates in parking areas. They are very secure and prevent unauthorized access. They are offered in a variety of finishes to give them the custom look. These grilles are custom built to the clients’ needs. They are constructed with the highest quality materials for longer life.
  • Commercial pedestrian gates come in various shapes, material and sizes and have a number of uses. They are frequently used for apartment and hotel swimming pools and garages. We see them in commercial parking lots as well as areas where there is high pedestrian traffic. They provide security and allow restricted usage.
  • The overhead gate is frequently used in commercial parking lots and apartment buildings. They are the perfect solution when the area is too tight for a sliding gate.

Congratulations if you already a gate owner. Every existing, new or potential gate owner needs to have a maintenance plan for their gate and gate opener and equipment.

Be aware of rust forming on your gate or screw device. This can be caused by heat or humidity. Spray WD40 in the areas that have rusted. Lubricate your post and gate brackets. Please do not overlook the gate hinge. This needs lubrication as well. Take the time to grease the ball bearings with automotive grease.

When planning your preventative maintenance schedule, perform check ups every 3 months and do the lubrications once a year.
If you live in an area with weather challenges, you need to pay extra attention to your gate. If your gate is leaning, reinforce it. If your gate is the old very heavy type, you might consider replacing it with a light weight decorative aluminum gate.

There are several factors to consider when thinking about purchasing a gate system for your residence:

  • What are your security needs? Consider that an automated gate system will keep unwanted guests and solicitors out while serving as protection for children and pets.
  • What kind of neighborhood do you live in? Is it a rural area or a suburban area? Is it a high crime area? You need to consider your neighborhood when choosing your gate system.
  • Do you already have a security system that can be integrated with the automatic gate?If you currently have a security system, it can easily be connected to your automatic gate system. There are several security gates that use keypad entry systems, wireless entry devices and RFID(embedded in a sticker in your car window).

If you are considering a new or replacement gate or grille, please call AM/PM Door Inc. at 1-800-286-3667. Our knowledgeable representatives are happy to assist you with all your gate needs and we will come out and give you a free estimate. Feel free to browse the pictures on our website and familiarize yourself with the different types of gate options.


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