Panic Bars

  • Panic Bars
    Panic Bars
  • Panic Bars
  • Panic Bars

Also known as an exit device or push bar, this type of hardware is used on exit doors to allow occupants to vacate a building quickly during an emergency. AMPM Door offers panic hardware suitable for an assortment of door applications including wood, metal, and aluminum frame doors.

Auto Locks

Auto locks are a great security solution for your business. It is a keyless and remote solution that allows staff and customers to exit a building, but would require a key or access code to reenter.

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Lever Locks

AMPM Door provides only the highest quality lever locks. This type of lock is most compatible with standard duty commercial exterior and interior doors for medical…

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Dead Bolts

Deadbolt locks are an excellent way to secure doors on your home and outside buildings. AMPM Door offers deadbolts in a variety of styles…

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Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are a heavy duty commercial door lock containing a wide assortment of knob and lever designs that is available in a variety of keyed and non-keyed functions, and in decorative finishes.

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