Horizontal Sliding Doors

  • Horizontal Sliding Doors
    Horizontal Sliding Doors
  • Horizontal Sliding Doors
  • Horizontal Sliding Doors

Horizontal sliding doors meet the demands of applications where a robust design and reliable operation is essential. AMPM door Inc. provides a full range of door options that include solutions for small and large elevators for freight or service, which can also be used by passengers.

Horizontal sliding doors would also be the proper choice for wide openings, tall openings, and applications where multi panel doors would provide a savings in floor space, maximize the platform area and at the same time accommodate passengers. Our horizontal sliding door selection is both versatile and offers unique solutions to resolving hoistway dimensional challenges that include short floor-to-floor heights, and different opening heights on the same line of doors. Possible applications include: airport terminals for passenger and trolley use, retail stores, museums, train stations, parking garages, and much more.

Insulated Doors

When an item or space requires protection against the elements, insulated doors are the solution. Rain, dust and wind are kept at bay by vinyl weatherstripping at the footpiece, guides, and hood. Designed for sizes up to 30′ wide and 30′ high, these doors are constructed to weather the storm and provide years of worry free service.

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Pedestrian Pass Doors & Pilot Doors

AMPM Door Inc. is a full-service Door and Gate company that furnishes installs and services all access control equipment. With a wide range of access control options, including card reader, magnetic locks, telephone entry systems, intercoms and many more.

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Counterweight Doors

Counterweight doors are a low maintenance solution and have been installed on a diverse range of applications and projects. These projects range from high security applications (e.g. correctional facilities, courthouses, emergency services buildings)…

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Motor Operators

Commercial and industrial sites have needs that are very different from residential applications, frequency of use being the most common difference. Whereas the typical garage door opener may only be used a few times daily, a commercial motor operator may be used several times an hour.

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