Ground Loops

  • Ground loops

Ground loops are used at entrances and exits of parking structures and driveways to detect vehicles passing and arriving at a certain point. When a vehicle passes over the loop, it sends an electronic signal to the controller of the overhead door or gate to allow it to open and close safely without causing damage to the vehicle. AMPM Door fabricates, installs, repairs and services ground loops. Call us today for a free estimate!

Sensing Edge

A Sensing edge is the number one solution for door and gate as it can fits many applications due to its variation in height, width and length. It comes with a touch sensitive switch that sends a signal to start, stop or reverse a motor or even sound off an alarm when an object is in its path.

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Photo Eyes

A photoeye detects the presence of an obstacle blocking the sensing beam and will trigger the door or gate operator to reverse or to stay open until the object is cleared from the path. A photo eye can be used to open or reopen commercial overhead doors, garage doors, gates and parking barriers.

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