Frameless Glass Doors

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All glass doors are 1/2”-3/4” frameless glass with top and bottom pivots and handles attached in a variety of ways. The glass is very dense and heavy, providing an expensive look and feel to add a touch of elegance to the building decor. These doors are prevalent in malls, offices and church buildings because of their aesthetically pleasing look. Glass doors are one of the nicest entry doors you can install in a business. They come with a variety of opening and closing hardware choices to customize the look specific to your goals.

Frameless glass doors can also offer a controlled entry, allowing only authorized personnel into the area using access controls of various types to lock the door. With credentials, only those authorized can open the door. Credentials can be a simple access card, fob key, thumb print reader or even a camera to visually confirm the person by another party within the building.

Frameless Glass Door Features:

  • Glass sizes vary from 1/2-inch to 1-inch thickness.
  • Multiple styles of locking hardware
  • Variety of handles, hinges and closing hardware from which to choose.
  • Brass, chrome, bronze, and other finishes for top and bottom braces.

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