Mortise Locks

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    Mortise Locks
  • Mortise Lock
  • Mortise Lock

Mortise locks are a heavy duty commercial door lock containing a wide assortment of knob and lever designs that is available in a variety of keyed and non-keyed functions, and in decorative finishes. This type of lock is most compatible with heavy duty commercial exterior and interior doors in offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial/industrial buildings as well as residences.

Mag Locks

Magnetic locks can be installed to protect single or pair of swinging doors and sliding doors and gates. Its automatic features allow you to lock and unlock by remote switch, motion sensor, key switch, or time programmer.

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Door Alarm Devices

Wood door options are varied and vast, and AMPM Door Inc. is up to the task of selecting the very best door for your individual needs. Our suppliers include more than 1500 of the finest millwork distributors covering most of the U.S.

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Door Closers

When it comes to selecting a door for your building, it is also just as important to select the right closer. There are many factors to consider such as sizing, mounting, application and appearance and function.

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Door Checks

Are you, your guests, and staff fed up with the doors in your facility consistently slamming shut? AMPM Door provides a simple solution for businesses that require little or no noise disturbances. Most overhead closers use a latching action which can cause the door to slam the last few degrees of its movement.

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