Driveway Gates

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The first thing your guest sees (and will judge you by) is your front gate, and AMPM will ensure a satisfying impression. Whether you aim to attract or deter, AMPM has a variety of solutions that provide security, convenience, and appeal. We are well versed in private community stipulations, so that your gate will not only be acceptable, but be the admiration of your neighbors and friends. Show us, tell us what you need, and we will provide you with a wide variety of driveway gate choices.

Scissor Gates

Folding scissor gates are a popular and economical way to secure a wide variety of installations. From roll-up doors on buildings and display windows in retail stores to blocking interior passageways and controlling access to non-public areas, the scissor gate has been common use for many decades.

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Rolling Aluminum Grilles

Rolling aluminum grilles provide access control and off hour security on interior and exterior openings. Permit visual access of separated spaces.

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Accordion Grilles

Accordion grilles are ideal for situations that require little headroom and no floor track. The grille is able to follow a curved line and stacks into a side pockets in a wall.

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Pedestrian Gates

Pedestrian Gates come in many shapes, materials, and sizes depending on your specific needs. Many facilities such as apartment complexes, swimming pool operators and areas with a high volume of foot traffic need to provide a way for authorized individuals to gain access to their facility.

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