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Auto locks are a great security solution for your business. This keyless and remote solution allows staff and customers to exit a building, but requires a key or access code to reenter. This is perfect for banks and retail shops who are closing and wish to prevent new patrons from entering the building but allow customers inside the store to exit freely, thus freeing up your staff from guarding the exit doors. AMPM Door offers various automatic lock solutions for both business and residential. Call us today to set up an appointment for a free quote.

Lever Locks

AMPM Door provides only the highest quality lever locks. This type of lock is most compatible with standard duty commercial exterior and interior doors for medical…

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Dead Bolts

Deadbolt locks are an excellent way to secure doors on your home and outside buildings. AMPM Door offers deadbolts in a variety of styles…

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Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are a heavy duty commercial door lock containing a wide assortment of knob and lever designs that is available in a variety of keyed and non-keyed functions, and in decorative finishes.

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Mag Locks

Magnetic locks can be installed to protect single or pair of swinging doors and sliding doors and gates. Its automatic features allow you to lock and unlock by remote switch, motion sensor, key switch, or time programmer.

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