Electro Magnetic Locks

  • Electro Magnetic Locks
    Electro Magnetic Locks
  • Mag Lock-surveillance

Magnetic locks can be installed to protect single, double and sliding doors. The automatic features allow you to lock and unlock by remote switch, key switch, or time programmer. This is a great wireless access control solution for retail stores, banks, airports, casinos and government offices. At AMPM Door, we can ensure you get the highest quality product for your establishment. Call today to get a free estimate for an install, maintenance or repair.


Intercoms are not only convenient, but add extra security to your home or business. AMPM Door has affordable intercom solutions that will fit your needs and budget.

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Knox Boxes / Lock Boxes

Fire Access Boxes allow fire and police departments to access commercial and residential properties in the event of an emergency without forced entry damage or delay.

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Night Latches

Night Latches is designed to replace most existing from door locks. Its double locking feature offers added security against forced entry.

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Telephone Entry System

AMPM Door furnishes, installs, programs and repairs most telephone entry systems. Whether it is PC programmable or stand-alone we have trained technicians who can get the job done…

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