July 3, 2018

The Importance Of Securing Entryways

by Sara

Doors and Gates work perfectly when it comes to keeping people and cars out of unwanted areas. However, business and home owners do not always think about the small unwanted intruders such as pests and rodents. Doors are the prime entry point for these animals as they can fit into minuscule places you would not ordinarily think about. 

Why should I be concerned about pests and rodents?

  • Both physical and financial damage 
  • Health risks 
  • Their occupancy is unsuitable in both the home and work setting

How can I prevent pests and rodents?

  • Install a door that fits seamlessly into the entryway 
  • Install a seal (weather stripping) that will rule out small pests and rodents 
  • Install a delayed action closer

What is a delayed action closer?

A delayed action closer allows the door to open for a certain amount of time (Set specifically for you!) and after that designated time it will close and latch. Allowing whom or what to get in or out in a timely manner all while properly securing the entryway thereafter.

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