March 1, 2014

3 Tips To Keep Your Herculite Doors Functioning Appropriately

by mel

Herculite doors are great for businesses’ especially for storefronts. This special type of door has the ability to showcase your store while also providing both an appealing and secure doorway.

However, there are some common issues that you may run into that can be easily dealt with and as well as prevented!

Closer Pressure:

A Herculite door that possesses a closer with too tight of pressure will make the door feel unbearably heavy, making it physically taxing to open and close. On the contrary, if the closer does not have enough pressure the door will be extremely light. Increasing the chances of injury to employees or customers who are in the swing path of the door. 

Loose Handles:

When handles come loose, a simple fix is to tighten them. However if this problem remains the constant rubbing and jiggling may result in the chipping and/or scratching of the glass door. In resulty, chipping will weaken the overall integrity of the door.

In Area Debris:

Trash or other obstacles that are around the door may get lodged under or between the door, which can cause jamming of the door and/or locking mechanism. It is in your best interest to remove any planters, trash, or any other objects away from the swing path of the door to sustain the proper functionality of your Herculite door. 

Professional Service

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