June 21, 2017

Door & Gate Showcase

by Sara

AM/PM is back with the weekly blogs! We have been hard at work making sure each customer is satisfied whether it’s either  a repair or installation. Here at AM/PM we are very proud of the work that we do and would like to share a few of the various projects we have recently completed.

  1. 1
    This gate featured in the picture below was originally a bi-parting chain link swing gate that was converted into a slide gate by one of our technicians! 
  1. 2
    Here in this featured picture is a glass aluminum sectional roll up door. This style door fits a residential home more so than commercial. However sectional doors with less visibility through are more popular amongst warehouses/commercial businesses where high door traffic is common.
  1. 3
    These double doors were installed knowing that it would get a lot of use. They come equipped with high-usage full length hinges!
  1. 4
    Occasionally the location of the door makes it a little bit challenging when Installing a new operator. When a challenge presents itself we adapt! 

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