August 25, 2020

Automatic Door & Gate Entry

by Sara

From operating your doors remotely on an iPhone to installing a keyless/touchless entry system for your storefront or warehouse, AM/PM Door Inc can help your business or residence achieve increase energy efficiency, comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations, offer occupants a better living experience, & limit germ transmission! 

Below we will outline a few examples of entryways that can be automated for touchless entry! 

Sliding Doors & Gates

Automated commercial sliding doors create an inviting and functional entryway. Choose from our attractive and convenient sliding door solutions for your storefront, warehouse, or commercial building!

Swing doors

Swinging doors provide flexibility, efficiency, and automated convenience for every entryway. Low-energy and full-energy commercial swing door operator configurations are available to meet any access requirement & traffic flow. 

Touchless Access Controls

AM/PM Door Inc provides a variety of automatic access control that provides a contactless entry solution for any door or gate! These automated entryways operate to scale providing low energy operation and triggers via a simple wave-to-open switch. Now the door in front of you can be opened with just a wave of your hand, keycard, iOS/Andoird Device, or ground loops!

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