September 2, 2020

Security Gate Installation: Protect Your Property!

by Sara

Installing a security gate is the best solution in preventing unauthorized entry for commercial, residential and industrial properties. These gates come in an array of different styles such as swing, slide, overhead, scissor, etc! These applications secure your property &  and help prevent vandalism, intruders, and theft. 

In an unfortunate event such as theft or vandalism was to occur, an insurance policy can only cover quantifiable damages & losses.  At a commercial property where the business is taking place, such an event can inhibit workflow & productivity. If this were to take place at a residential property, the tenant(s) could sustain emotional trauma as well. 

Here are three ways the right gate can benefit a company:

Deters Trespassers

A physical gate can deter on-site trespassing. When combined with other applications such as a motion-sensing alarm, this will allow law enforcement to respond in time to stop a vandals or thieves. In a more positive scenario, the gate will deter trespassers before they even attempt to breach an entryway. 

Increased Property Value

Gates add value to commercial property and can provide an aesthetic appeal to the exterior of buildings. Trends have shown that installing a perimeter gate can increase property value by as much as 5% creating a substantial return on this investment while providing the utmost security and safety.

Peace of Mind

The visual of the gate alone will dishearten intruders, keeping on-site assets such as heavy equipment/machinery &  vehicles secure around the clock. Protecting against vandalism, litter, & to keep lawns and building exteriors looking clean and professional. This also eases your mind knowing your property is protected! 

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