March 15, 2017

Should your storefront have a scissor gate?

by Sara

The answer to the question is, Yes! 

Scissor gates are universally known for their many capabilities. Here are a few of the great benefits of having a scissor gate installed:


Scissor gates provide added security for your place of business. Also they are usually placed in particular areas of vulnerability such as the windows. 


Scissor gate’s are composed of steel which is incredibly strong. This design feature double dips in the the Security aspect as well. In which the steel provides a hard obstacle for burglars to overcome.

Visual Appeal:

Most scissor gates come in the color black, uniform to the building. Scissor gates provide a professional feel to your storefront while keeping the visual aspect of your store un-compromised. 

Professional Service

AM/PM Door Inc. is more than capable to install or repair any type of Scissor Gate! While providing the upmost customer service. Give us a call at (800) 286-DOOR!

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