March 7, 2017

Benefits of a Pedestrian Gate

by Sara

Safety is a primary concern for homeowners and as well as  property managers. Keeping out burglars, unwanted solicitors, etc, is a top priority in order to keep the occupants of the residence confident in regards to their well-being. A solution to this obstacle is to install a pedestrian gate as well as surrounding fence line. 

Below are a few reasons WHY to install a pedestrian gate:

  • Cutting down unwanted foot traffic. 
  • Complicating the burglars act of crime, providing as an additional obstacle to overcome. 
  • Will heighten the overall building security, providing peace at mind to residents.

In addition, items can be added to the pedestrian gate to further the overall security with improvements such as:

  • Motion Sensing Lights 
  • Surveillance Camera’s 
  • Intercom Entry 
  • Key/Code Access System

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