January 26, 2017

Reasons Why Automatic Doors For Storefronts Are Extremely Beneficial

by Sara

First impressions are of the upmost importance in any aspect. The entrance door to your place of business has the opportunity to give off a great first impression to potential customers. Choosing an automatic door for your business will give you that highly sought after great first impression, based solely on the ease it provides to your customers when entering your building.

Here are some additional reasons on why you should choose automatic doors for your place of business:

Motion Detected Entry

Provides easy access for your customers. An automatic door will detect incoming customers and will provide the luxury of a flawless exit or entry into your building. Customers will greatly appreciate the easy accessibility to your store, especially if they have their hands full with bags or children.

Traffic Flow

Will not be a problem for your store. Automatic doors will give a safe and necessary solution for customers as they walk in and out as they please unlike manual doors that will only slow them down.

LOWER your business’ energy costs

Automatic doors are weather sensitive, meaning they will not allow unwanted air in or out of your building. Which will lower your heating and air conditioning bill. 

Manual doors are not in compliance with the American Disabilities Act

However, in this case automatic doors are. You cannot count on a manual door to provide both the necessary safety and accessibility for a customer who may attempting entry to your store in a wheel chair, brace, etc. 

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