February 16, 2017

Which Access Control System is Most Suitable for My Business?

by Sara

Your door is undoubtedly the forefront and main component to your security system, either for your place of business or private home. However, your choice of access control system can give you the cutting edge against intruders. There are various different types of access controls that will beef up your security entirely, giving you the peace at mind as well as confidence in your business/home to guard against burglars. 

Below is a list of various access control systems that WILL work specifically for YOU!

Key Card Access:

This security solution allows for strictly employee only access. Anyone can copy a key to gain access to various doors, but switching to security card access will act as another obstacle that protects against unwanted intruders. In addition, different key card access entry system can be programmed to work with other doors requiring different access codes. Meaning you can sync individual yet different key codes that will only allow access to certain select door(s), protecting against burglars or employees that may not have clearance to gain access to a certain room. 

Employee Managed Access:

Some places of business may require for a strict access point for employees and/or customers.

This access control system requires an employee stationed inside to look through a security camera to  buzz in each individual employee/customer after entry approval. 

Access Codes:

Entry for select persons will be decided by codes that are required to be physically punched in. Alike the Key Card Access System, various codes can be programmed to require a unique pin for different entry points.   

Overall, these Access Control Systems are great to enhance both security and efficiency for your home or place of business. To optimize your security you need Professional Assistance to install these Access Systems. AM/PM Door Inc. is more than capable to handle the installation or repair of these systems. In addition providing the upmost customer satisfaction for ANY door or gate need! 

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