Scissor Gate Installation & Repair

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Scissor gates or accordion folding gates are built for all commercial properties & brick & mortar businesses such as storefronts, schools, hospitals, & industrial properties. Scissor gates are able to be mounted on the inside or outside, depending on customer preference & the requirements or specifications of the opening. You name it, scissor gates are meant to provide the utmost security for any commercial property ensuring the safety of the property & valuables inside. They also come in various sizes & colors! 

AM/PM Door Inc. is more than capable of servicing, installing, or repairing any scissor gate, or accordion folding gate! As well as any type of residential or commercial door, gate, and access control system! 

Call us at 818-890-0201 or email us at if you are interested in a free estimate! Please provide pictures & dimensions to our sales representative! 

Please be sure to check out one of our latest reviews from a business owner who unfortunately had their jewelry store broken into & looted. We came out & installed a scissor gate. For the full story please check out our yelp

Servicing Locations: 

How would you like to access your doors? How would you like to prevent intruders from accessing your doors? AMPM Door Inc. offers a full range of wired and wireless access control including sliding and swing gate operation, traffic barriers, intercom and keypad and proximity access, GSM devices and more! Call 800-286-3667 today to discuss your custom needs with one of our expert AMPM team members.

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