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Service doors are at work every day in college campuses, military commissaries, medical facilities, hospitals, assisted living, shopping centers, malls, and schools. AMPM’s broad range of double acting traffic doors, service doors, cold storage doors, fiberglass doors, strip doors and insect doors offer an outstanding record of reliability, durability and long term value.

With such a wide selection, AMPM knows and understands the importance of specifying the right door. That is why we have experienced specialists to identify the right door system for your application. Call us today at 800-286-3667 to discover the correct door for your business needs.

Counter Shutters

AMPM’s selection of rolling counter shutters proves perfect for counter applications where a quick and easily operated security barrier is required. Security rolling shutters can be designed to be installed on the interior of the application to give a sleek look when closed.

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Fire / Smoke Doors

AMPM Door Inc. provides a wide range of leaf constructed fire doors, roller shutter doors, and smoke curtains fitted into compartment walls to confine an outbreak of fire to the smallest area.

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High Cycle Doors

At AMPM, our high cycle doors are designed to increase productivity, reduce energy costs, improve materials flow and employee safety, and decrease maintenance costs.

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Insulated Doors

From loading dock to freezer, AMPM’s cold storage insulated freezer doors save on energy and maintenance costs while maximizing workflow and ensuring a safer more productive environment.

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