Steel & Wood Sectional Doors

  • Steel & Wood Sectional Doors
    Steel & Wood Sectional Doors
  • Steel and Wood Sectional
  • Steel and Wood Sectional

AMPM DOOR carries Carriage House wood sectional doors, which are designed for a custom look for homes, where steel Amarr, Clopay, Wanye Dalton, Finishline doors are used for commercial applications. The most common of these doors roll up overhead at a 90-degree angle and travel at an incline or vertically. These doors travel on a track with rollers and are assisted by a spring counter balance system and cables. For your convenience, all of the components of a steel and wood sectional door are replaceable. The door can be insulated, weather-sealed, or both.

Steel and wood sectional door options include:

  • Custom applications and design
  • Automatic motor operation with control options
  • Available in aluminum, fiberglass, steel or wood
  • Full or partial vision windows
  • Insulation R value from 5-14 in 2″ sections
  • Safety reversing devices

Vertical Lift Doors

Because vertical lift doors have a practical design that can be used in a wide range of situations, they can save time and money; and thus, they prove to be the doors of choice by automotive and heavy industry.

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Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-fold sliding door systems allow you to create a unique living or commercial space that fits the exact requirements for your home or business environment.

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Horizontal Sliding Doors

Horizontal sliding doors meet the demands of applications where a robust design and reliable operation is essential. AMPM door Inc. provides a full range of door options that include solutions for small and large elevators for freight or service, which can also be used by passengers.

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Insulated Doors

When an item or space requires protection against the elements, insulated doors are the solution. Rain, dust and wind are kept at bay by vinyl weatherstripping at the footpiece, guides, and hood. Designed for sizes up to 30′ wide and 30′ high, these doors are constructed to weather the storm and provide years of worry free service.

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