Bullet Resistant Doors & Windows

  • Bullet Resistant Doors & Windows
    Bullet Resistant Doors & Windows
  • Bullet Resistant Doors
  • Bullet Resistant Doors

Your business needs protection. Security doors and windows make break-ins difficult and give peace of mind! Doors and windows are the most sensitive static construction element in a building, and are therefore the favored point of entry for burglars and thieves. Modern door and window technology counteracts these problems and dangers with individual and effective bullet-resistant solutions. An investment in high-tech security windows really is the most important step in safeguarding your property, and AMPM Door Inc. provides custom tailored solutions for your individual business needs. Call us at 800-286-3667 to generate your unique bullet resistant door and/or window solution today!

Corrosion Resistant Doors and Frames

Many of our clients require economical solutions to the door and frame problems caused by corrosive environments. Wash down areas, chemical exposure, salt, and sanitation processing can ruin a door in a matter of a few months.

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Drive-Through Restaurant  Windows

Our drive-through restaurant windows have been designed with ease of installation and operation in mind to provide unsurpassed durability and performance. You will find a wide array of options to consider below from our fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manually opened, self-closing windows.

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Hangar Doors

Aircraft owners buying or upgrading an aircraft hangar will at some stage need to think about the hangar door. In the aircraft industry even the smallest airplanes represent an investment costing tens of thousands of dollars in initial investment and future maintenance.

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High Speed Doors

AMPM Door Inc. offers high speed doors that exceed the capabilities of traditional doors by adding new elements of functionality. Characterized by higher speeds, improved reliability, and increased durability, high speed doors save time and money.

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